The Low Line

Date: 01.2020

Organizer: RIBA

Site Area: —

Built Area: —

A green and creative vision for The Low Line

If this stretch of Victorian elevated railway was to be understood as Green, it should connect to city-wide green spaces, as it indeed does already.

The Low Line infrastructure links Hyde Park and St. James’s Park, to the west, with Greenwich Park, to the east. Trains leaving form Charing Cross Station will reach Greenwich Station in around 30 minutes, passing through London Bridge Station and making The Low Line a true functional piece of green infrastructure. This project celebrates this connection, as the backbone of multi-scale green solutions.

I believe such an approach is needed to guarantee an all-encompassing design strategy. Within the stretch of viaduct mentioned above, roughly representing a 10km route, eight 1km x 1km frames have been distinguished. Each of them deals with one overarching topic of interest aligned with the vision included in the brief. These topics are nonetheless applicable to other sections of The Low Line.

Within each 1km x 1km frame, a design action, responding to each overarching topic of interest, will be further detailed in a 100m x 100m frame


The Low Line