Master in Collective Housing, Madrid 2021. Alison Brooks Workshop

Alison Brooks and I are back in Madrid for this year’s edition of the MCH 2021 in Madrid.

In this edition of the workshop, titled The Courtyard and the Tower, the students will need to follow a building typology that responds to the dense nature of Madrid in general, and that of the district of Tetuán in particular, but that can also make the most of the views. This typology is the combination of a courtyard block and a tower.


Master in Collective Housing, Madrid 2020. Alison Brooks Workshop

This week, Alison Brooks and I are leading the third workshop of the award-winning architect in the MCH 2020 in Madrid.

In this edition, titled The Post-Pandemic Tower: Re-useable Urban Ecosystem, students have a week to re-imagine Madrid’s most iconic towers, the Torres de Colon, as a radically sustainable, inclusive and uplifting place to live in the context of two current global crises: the Climate Crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.


demiguelsolano.com launches!

In this website you will find my most recent projects. All my architecture, art and writings in the same place! Exciting! 🙂