I came back


I came back,

from an older time,

from a weary land.



Foreign I am,

no longer.

Why don’t you take your clothes off?

(And rest)


Sunshine, dust, water and shade.

Parasympathetic, take over…

The fig tree gently agrees.

(Iberia, land of lemons)


The altruistic fratricide, loud under the sun.

The envy, the laughter, the loss. Isn’t it funny?

Childhood matters to the ghost in the shell.

(The delusion of self)


Suspended animation,

I know the boat is not the same,

but it still floats!

(Says Theseus)


Home is,

I am,

They are still.

(Blood and flesh)


A future cloud still to form,

for now, the sky cannot tell.

But humans live in the future.

(And we fear it)


An anxious homunculus,

a tiny thing, a control freak,

but no free will.

(Just look at her and take a breath)