A terrace in Putney

Date: 04.2021

Client: Will & Lilly

Site Area: c. 120 sqm

Built Area: c. 80 sqm

A sudden realisation from my two clients kickstarted this project. They are both high-achieving, educated and hard-working young professionals, but will never access a house on their own in their lifetime. As childhood friends, they met again in London and decided to join efforts to buy a property where they could enjoy large and generous communal spaces, as well as distinctly separated spaces of their own. They made it very clear from the outset that they did not want to share a bathroom, and that they were not a couple!

This refurbishment arranges the ground floor, the public meeting level, around a central courtyard bathed with natural light. Spiraling around the courtyard, the stair climbs up to the upper rooms. They are bisected by the courtyard and organise a dynamic layout that maximises space and privacy and provides generous ensuite bathrooms to each of the rooms.